Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trials - Part 7.5 Interlude

Vorshek stuck to the shadows observing the trials. With so many tribes about, he blended into the throngs of warriors, tribes-people, travelers and traders, all who have come to gather, gamble, barter and participate.

The dark warrior felt uneasy leaving his distinctive blade secreted away, outside of the proving grounds, hooded and cloaked he prowled the trails of people keeping his presence hidden to those with eyes of Sa’uuk.

Only one prey interested Vorshek this day ‘Shre’ka of the Ravan’ti’. He would see her trials and long to be her opponent or perhaps… master and mate. Instincts where strong in him, the thought of the powerful female brought a smile to his face, in actuality looked like a wild sneer.

Kast’na didn’t do well in the trials but many of his kin congratulated him for trying, gaining prestidge considering his wounds both spiritual and physical.

Things seemed clearer now to him, ‘how could I have been so blind’, scolding his wasted years being angry at his own people when really his anger had been his enemy.

Lost in thought of his failures and promises to be grateful for this chance to redeem himself with the people. Kast’na felt a chill go up his spine, his fur stood on end.

“The Dark Warrior!”

He spun around, eyes intensely focusing on each person moving in the crowded barter market, amond the tents. Long moments passed, as time almost seemed to stop for the Ravan’ti warrior.

‘I am I sun baked or mad’, Shaking his head and rubbing his wounds?

“Brother”, Zas'khan laid a hand on his brother by bond shoulder, spinning on him?

Zas’khan saw a wild and intense look on Kast’nas face his nose wrinkled and ears flat.

“Are you well” Looking concerned for him?

A funny thing to say to Kast’na as Zas’kans good arm was in a sling and his countenance was much worse after his bout with a huge Ta’guan Roat named Mrul’garr left him sorely beaten.

“HE is here! The DARK one”, Kast’nas wild but intense words whispered thru fangs barely able to contain outrage.

Now it was Zas’Khans turn to look wildly angry, quickly composing feelings of rage for the one who betrayed his people, attacked the female he loved, and killed Fas’ra a Ta’guan Moat.

“We must tell father”. The two exchanged concerned looks but headed to find Shas'tan.