These animated clips were created to act as introductions to the initial sessions of the Star Wars: Clone Wars - Mako's Run campaign.

Session 1

While interviewing the Illyrian Sparg Delotria for the position of pilot aboard her Mon Calamari ship the Mako's Run, Captain Paz Valodor is pursued from Mon Calamari space. Suffering damage, the Mako's Run drops from hyperspace off course and crash lands on the fifth moon of the remote planet Sorn in the Outer Rim.

What they find is a group of feral Cathar, a felinoid race, that worship something called Sa'uuk. Unfortunately the tribe has been ravaged by off worlders with nefarious motives, the only remaining member of her tribe is Shre'ka a female who claims to be a holy woman of her tribe. She offers to help the stranded captain and pilot of the Mako's Run in return they help her find her people.

After protecting the off worlders Paz and Sparg from the wild denizens of the jungle their roguish hearts of gold get the better of them and they decide to help the Cathar tribeswoman. Lifting off they note several unusual ships leaving the moons orbit unfortunately trade federation vulture droids spot them and the crew pilots a harrowing chase thru the moons of the system.

When attacked by a pair of vicious ver'ka, Paz and Sparg are assisted by a strange feral Cathar named Shre'ka. Learning unknown vessels have abducted Shre'ka's clan, Captain Paz and Sparg agree to assist Shre'ka in their recovery.

Repairs made, the Mako's Run departs to find two unknown vessels leaving the system bound for Tatooine. Attempting to pursue, the trio are attacked by two fighters, but are able to escape and continue their chase.

Drawing upon the force crying out to her people Shre'ka pulls a vulture droid fighter into the moons gravitational pull and it is ripped apart while Paz rips through the other with cannon fire from Mako's Run. Stunned by their new companions powers, the two suspect she is a force wielder but keep it to themselves.

The Mako's Run arrives in Tatooine to discover the vessels have already docked, offloaded cargo, and departed. Landing in Mos Eisley and becoming involved in an altercation with Trade Federation droids and Republican clones, Paz and Sparg find themselves in a fierce firefight with Shre'ka severely wounded...

Plotting the last trajectory of the ships holding the Cathar natives the group lands on Tatooine in hopes they are not too late to save Shre'ka's people....


Session 2

After the firefight at Mos Eisley, Paz and Sparg are able to get first aid assistance for Shre'ka from some Republican Clone Troops. The officer in charge tells them Shre'ka's wounds need to be tended by a doctor, so the trio quickly set off in search of one.

They manage to find a rather dubious physician in town who barters with the Captain in return for his aid for Shre'ka. He offers to treat the wounded Cathar as well as an attractive payment in return for Paz's agreement to deliver four crates of "medical supplies" to Coruscant. Paz and Sparg, low on credits and having little choice, agree. The "doctor's" treatment is definitely lacking in bedside manner, but works well enough to get Shre'ka back on her feet.

After making sure the crates of their newly acquired cargo have been loaded on the Mako's Run, the trio set out for the slavers market. Entering the building, Sparg is able to covertly instruct his droid MK-12 to sabotage the slaver's droid guarding the entry.

When they reach the holding pen, Shre'ka is only barely halted from rushing forward to her clanswomen by Paz, who cautions her to be patient. Startled by seeing a quality of her Sa'uuk Mo'at in the young captain, Shre'ka complies. However, she softly speaks to those closest to the energy bars, telling them she and her new friends are there to help and for the captives to be ready when the chance for freedom presents itself.

A pair of Kaminoan buyers speak with Paz and offer to purchase Shre'ka from her for a handsome sum, but Paz declines. Sparg notices a guard speaking into a comlink and shoots him. A fight ensues with Paz fending off a vicious womp rat, while a guard and a strange masked Force user engage Shre'ka after the Cathar uses the Force to hurl several guards down the hallway to clear the way out, inadvertently killing two of them when they strike the far wall.

Holding her own against the womp rat, Paz has some trouble killing the agile creature. Sparg searches the guard for the key to the holding area, but failing to find it, begins to try to override the computer to bring the field down with MK-12's help.

Wounded by the guard, Shre'ka has difficulty fighting the strange Force user, who steps forward and shoots in an attempt to stop Sparg and his droid from opening the holding cell, damaging MK-12.

However, Sparg and his droid succeed in overriding the computer and the cell opens. Almost two score of angry feral Cathar emerge, pummeling any enemy they can get their claws on. The masked Force user retreats, with a growled warning to Shre'ka that their conflict is not over. The freed Cathar manage to land a few blows upon him, but using the Force, he is still able to make his escape.

Paz and Sparg hurriedly gather information from the facility's computer while Shre'ka goes to the two guards that where slain. She speaks to them and asks that they go in peace to be with Sa'uuk. Some of her Clanswomen snarl, hiss, and spit on the bodies, but Paz, Sparg and Shre'ka quickly urge them on their way to safety.

A band of riled and hot-blooded Cathar race through the city with Captain Paz and Sparg leading them to the Mako's Run. Sparg quickly breaks loose from dock when everyone is aboard and makes way out of orbit to hyperspace.

As they are breaking orbit, the Mako's Run is attacked by two Ginivex-class fighters while a much larger ship looms nearby, attempting to gain a tractor lock. The Mako's Run takes quite a pounding from the fighers' weapons. Sparg attempts some fancy flying to outmaneuver their pursuers while Paz fights them off from the gun turret, managing to destroy one of the fighters. Sparg manages to make a mortal strike on the large ship with the Mako's Run's ion cannon, hitting its bridge and the Mako's Run jumps for hyperspace and safety.

Arriving at the fifth moon of Sorn, Shre'ka and her clanswomen celebrate a bittersweet victory, and Paz and Sparg receive many gifts from the grateful Cathar. The females have been freed, but what of the males? And what of Sa'uuk Mo'at?


Session 3

After returning the female Cathar to the fifth moon of Sorn and freedom, Captain Paz and her pilot, Sparg begin the arduous task of repairing the Mako's Run with their MK-12 maintenance droid. Wanting to thank the brave duo, the young Cathar Shre'ka and her clanswomen spend many days hunting and gathering food to replace the Mako's badly diminished supplies.

As Paz and Sparg continue working on repairs to the ship, Shre'ka spends time with her clan helping them to prepare for the journey to the Ta'gua Clan, the closest ones to live near their destroyed home. She advises her Elders to remain hidden and warn the Ta'gua Clan to be wary of intruders from the skies. Then young Shre'ka sets out on a journey of her own, to the Cave of Ancients she sometimes visited with her still missing Sa'uuk Mo'at.

Repairs to the vessel go slowly and it is just as well, as Shre'ka's journey takes considerable time. Arriving at the Cave, Shre'ka senses someone within and enters cautiously. Arriving at the Chamber of Crystals, she sees and hears her mentor, Fey'qua'ri walking further into the Cave. She calls out to him, but he continues on and she follows at a distance. Shre'ka is led deeper into the Cave than she has ever been and loses all track of time. Finally she comes to a chamber containing six obelisks and statues, each one representing one of the six Tribes.

Shre'ka explores the chamber and examines the obelisk for the Ra'van'ti Clan closely. When she touches the obelisk, it hums and she sees six chairs made of crystal arranged in a semi circle, one of them beginning to glow. Almost instinctively, Shre'ka knows only a Sa'uuk Mo'at would be permitted to sit there. Channeling Sa'uuk, Shre'ka is able to speak with Fey'qua'ri through the obelisk. He tells her the chamber was constructed by their ancestors when they first came to this planet long ago and that it holds the wisdom and knowledge of her People. She swears to him she will find him and the other males and free them. Fey'qua'ri only warns her to beware of shadows he sees upon her. She loses contact with him and needing to return to the ship, departs from the Cave after collecting some of the smaller crystals scattered about the cave floor.

Repairs are still underway when Shre'ka returns to the Mako's Run, so she busies herself bringing in various flora and fauna which she places about the ship. Finally ready to depart, Paz and Sparg discuss their options. They still have the cargo of medical supplies for Ziro the Hutt and only fuel enough for one jump, so Paz orders them to jump to Coruscant.

During hyperspace travel, Captain Paz takes time out for a shower and is attacked by a strange aggressive insect that managed to work its way into the plumbing. Two drop from the ventilation duct in the cockpit. The droid, N3-BRT crushes one with a claw and Sparg shoots the other with his blaster as Shre'ka, recognizing the creatures, runs back to aid Captain Paz who calls for help via the comlink.

The insect, called a Drok by Shre'ka, burrows into Paz's leg, but she eventually manages to kill it and Shre'ka removes it from beneath her skin. Shre'ka tries to treat the wounded Captain, but as the days progress, Paz sickens and becomes gravely ill.

To make matters worse, Sparg took out the navcomputer with blaster fire and the Mako's Run dropped from hyperspace. Having to calculate the jump by hand, Sparg and N3-BRT manage the task successfully and the group limps the rest of the way to Coruscant.

Paz's illness calls for a change in plans and Sparg docks at a hospital where the Captain receives emergency care that saves her life, but now they are in debt to the hospital 2000 credits. Shre'ka remains with the Captain to watch over her and Sparg decides to set out with N3-BRT to see Ziro the Hutt regarding delivery of the supply crates and getting their much needed payment.

However, the Hutt has no intention of paying and sends four of his minions to steal the shipment before Sparg returns to the ship. But Paz and Shre'ka return to the Mako's Run prior to the thugs arrival and stop them from entering. A fight ensues, but the crew manage to best the thieves although Sparg is severely wounded. Shre'ka aids Sparg while the Captain pitches the bodies over the edge of the platform to fall and join the thug that fell when he was struck by one of Shre'ka's arrows.

Hearing the approach of sirens, they depart and fly to a different docking area closer to Ziro's palace. Shre'ka gives Paz and Sparg bracelets made up of leather wrapped crystals from the Cave of the Ancients. She tells them now they can speak in their minds to each other from a distance. Paz comes up with a plan to secure the crates in a warehouse and go see Ziro, explaining that the location would be given to him when she had received payment and they would wait until he verified the crates were secure before the group could leave. Ziro obliged, seeming pleased to find the crates in order and paid the Captain handsomely, inviting the group to enjoy a drink on the house and be his least for now.


Session 6

Coming out of her Sa'uuk trance, Shre'ka seeks out Paz and Sparg to tell them she has discovered the males of her tribe are being sent to the Vaynai Archipelago. She also tells them Sith have now joined the long list of people hunting them. During the discussion, the Mako's Run drops unexpectedly from hyperspace, caught in a hyperspace net placed in the shipping lane.

Paz shouts a warning as the ship is quickly boarded by several pirates who order the crew to surrender. Sparg mans the cockpit and tries to break the ship free while Paz and Shre'ka try to repel the boarding party. Shre'ka shoots a rather large Torgorian who appears to threaten Paz, but he changes sides during the fight and aids the crew in defeating the other pirates. They take one of the intruders, a Rhodian, prisoner.

Paz also takes the opportunity to interrogate the Rhodian and afterwards he is restrained and secured in the spare cabin. The decision is made to turn the Rhodian pirate over to the Jedi on Corscuant.

Sparg is able to regain control of the ship and reset their course to Corscuant. On the way, Paz decides on accommodations for the crew's newest member, Mrrowl, and gives him Spivey's old room. Paz has to override the droid's security locks first, and upon entering the room finds several weapons and a strange box containing three thermal detonators and an unusual device.

Paz and Sparg connect the device to the ship and discover it is Spivey's brain. Needless to say, he is a little miffed at being left behind on Point Nadir, but Paz assures the droid she has made arrangements to have his chassis returned to the First Galactic Bank of Corscuant for retrieval.

Arriving at Coruscant, the crew go to the bank to pick up Spivey's parts. A droid takes them to a secure vault where they find what's left of Spivey crunched into a metal cube with a piece of cloth sticking out of the top. There is also a box containing several valuables: gems, IDs, and remote brains, etc. Paz takes the box and when the crew investigate Spivey's remains, a proximity fuse is activated. The crew realize the droid's chassis has been returned with a bomb and flee to the elevator, shouting a warning to the droid assisting them.

They make it to the elevator and are on their way up when an explosion rocks the building...