Cathar Scout/Force Adept

Shre'ka is a member of the Ra'van'ti Clan, a tribe of primitive feral Cathar living on Sorn's fifth of seven moons, Sorn 5. Growing up learning to hunt the jungle forests of her world, Shre'ka led a relatively simple but happy life well cared for by her parents.

When she was eight turns of the seasons of age, however, her parents were killed during a hunting accident. Now an orphan, Shre'ka was taken in and raised by Fey'qua'ri, the tribe's mystical elder knowledgeable in the ways of the Force, which the Cathar of Sorn 5 referred to as Sa'uuk, the Sky River.

Having had a vision of Shre'ka's potential Force power while she was still in the womb, Fey'qua'ri began teaching the young cub about Sa'uuk. She proved to be an apt pupil, not only achieving her status as a hunter, or Ro'at, for her tribe, but surviving her initiation ceremony that elevated her from the status of a young student of Sa'uuk to a Sa'uuk Ro'at by the time she was seventeen turns of the seasons.

Shre'ka is very devoted to her mentor and her people, so their abduction from Sorn 5 in strange sky boats during her eighteenth year came as quite a blow to her. She feels herself fortunate to have come across the Mako's Run and its crew, Captain Paz Valodor and Sparg Delotria, as well as her new mate, Mrrowl. The group, aided by a clone called Easy and his troopers, led by a young Jedi, have successfully freed Shre'ka's tribespeople and she maintains hope that she and her new friends will be able to effect their continued protection with Sa'uuk's guidance.


Sparg Delotria
Illyrian Scoundrel/Ace Pilot
Sparg's father Norg Delotria was already an established biotech engineer when he met Sparg's mother Camwsha at a company event. She was the head of Illyrian Offworld Securities legal department. The two were soon whisked away with one another and they promptly planned a family together. As the youngest member of the Delotria family Sparg quickly fell under the shadow of his older sibling Moog who seemed to excel at everything. Moog was captain of the krakenball team and graduated top of his class. Once Moog announced he was following in his father's footsteps and applied to the Dalwarg Medical University it was all Sparg could do to remain in the household.

Sparg was never really satisfied unless he was working with his hands. He had always displayed mechanical aptitude but rarely did he show any interest in competing with Moog for the affections of his parents. Sparg kept to himself and occupied his own interests which often got him into trouble. He developed an interest in starships at a young age and watched every test flight broadcast on the holonet from Illyrian Shipworks. Every time he expressed any interest outside of his father's occupation it was met with derisive comments. Sparg knew his parents would never allow him to pursue a piloting career so he would specialize in nothing.

At the time Moog left home to attend university, Sparg became friends with a seedy group of offworld exchange students. They enticed him to utilize his mechanical aptitude in creative ways. Once he hacked into the local commline network and rerouted the calling ID of a popular regional restaurant to the homelink of the school head master. Unable to cover his tracks successfully, Sparg was the one caught.  Although he was not brought up on formal charges thanks to the positions of his parents he was suspended and forced to spend the time in detention. This did not deter his friendship with the exchange group but it did force him to keep his relations discreet.

While serving his time in detention Sparg met a young female named Marig Talwsha. She sparked an interest in a little known musical group called Tandalion. The two of them spent as much time together as possible albeit secretly. They exchanged Tandalion recordings and made wild plans to elope offworld and follow the band on tour. Tandalion had only released four compilations and toured even less frequently. Band memorabilia was rare and sought after by rabid collectors even though the relative market for such material was extremely small. Marig awakened a deep appreciation for self expression and freedom the likes Sparg had previously not known. After the detention period was concluded, their growing relationship continued. This created hostilities between Sparg and his offworld cohorts. Shortly Marig's parents were transferred offworld and she left abruptly cutting off their relationship. Sparg was crushed.

He withdrew even more and throughout his education Sparg was shuffled from one program to the next in search of the ideal career path. He promptly disappointed his parents by settling on Fusion Mechanics as a University Specialization. Graduating that program at the bottom of his class he reluctantly accepted a menial position at Illyrian Shipworks designing workflows for navigational processors. It was a highly stressful and underpaid position with no acclaim or possibility for advancement. In his off-time or whenever he could get access, Sparg practiced in the flight simulators and still dreamt of one day being the captain of his own luxury liner, plying the stars with high-paying guests to see unknown worlds. But his time with IS was short-lived.

Sparg was contacted by a former university-mate who had risen to a high management position along with a group of off-worlders at a competing shipyard, Sienar Fleet Systems. They were forming a new internal group with the plan to design and build advanced military fighters called Sienar Design Systems. Sparg signed on immediately and went to work as a test systems analyst, little more than what he was doing before. It was within a short while Sparg realized he had made a huge mistake leaving Shipworks. The work was more demanding and the pay was even less rewarding. His growing resentment was vocalized toward the management in staff meetings and corridors. He made it clear that he was unhappy with the working conditions but had no recourse or empowerment to improve any of it. Tragedy soon followed.

During an engine test a huge explosion ripped through the factory which created a massive loss in assets and killed several workers. The internal investigation determined Sparg had overlooked a requisition to replace one of the the halon flow conduits to one of the ion reactor in the prototype ship. Had the conduit been replaced for the test flight, the explosion would not have occurred. This setback crippled the fledgling department to the brink of closure. Sparg protested he never received the requisition but the board presented evidence to his detriment. He accused the managers of sabotaging his career but no motive could be uncovered. This created a rift among the management and Sparg was sent packing. Eventually a beneficent private investor revived the department and Raith Sienar reestablished it by establishing the Sienar Advanced Projects Laboratory.

With no job and no real home to go to Sparg eked out a living for several years drifting from port to port as a ground mechanic, maintenance worker and general trade jack. After a stint running guns to the Outer Rim on a smuggler ship, Sparg drew the line transporting a manifest of slave cargo and bailed. Finding himself stranded on one of the many orbital dry-dock stations of Mon Calamari he managed to bluff his way into the position of pilot and engineer aboard the Mako's Run.


Perca Navic aka Captain Paz Valodor
Mon Calimari Scoundrel / Uncertain future

Born into a wealthy Dac family, Perca Navic spent her earliest years in New Coral City learning about music, art and engineering from all over Dac and the Republic.  The daughter to loving parents Meena and Portia, Perca always understood that she was privileged and perhaps not all that deserving of the life she had been born into.  She felt stronger about this as she learned about other civilizations of the Galaxy and all the gross injustices that have occurred over the eons.  A dedicated student, Perca did not have much time for others and mostly kept to herself, although she did have a few close cousins who shared her dreams of one day leaving Dac to explore the far reaches of space.  One in particular, a male named Reenic, was her soul mate and would do anything for her. 

When Perca finished her studies she joined her family working for a starship manufacturing conglomerate that spanned all of Dac and several neighboring systems.  She excelled at many aspects of the business but was most interested in program automation and security.  Her father often commented on how she was just as familiar with navigating a maintenance panel as she was the holonet.  She was settling into a prominent position within corporate security when her world was turned upside down.

About this time it was discovered that the Dac Senator Tikkes had betrayed the Republic to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was forcefully removed from office with more than a little drama and bloodshed on Dac and abroad.  It was then that Perca’s father decided to run for the Senate himself.  An outspoken critic of the Chancellor, the war and its costs to society as a whole he was popular with the common Mon Calamari, but unpopular with the wheelers and dealers of political capital.  When it appeared that Meena Navic might actually be elected to the Senate his opponents acted quickly and brutally.

One evening several Quarren thugs attempted to grab Perca’s parents off the streets and when she and her younger brother tried to stop them they were ruthlessly shot.  Perca’s brother was killed instantly and she suffered a serious chest wound.  As one of the thugs towered over Paz, lining up a killing shot Perca passed out.  It was cousin Reenic who later told Perca corporate security had arrived at that moment.  A grazing shot to the Quarren thug’s neck caused his fatal blast to miss the mark and he was forced to retreat.

At the same moment on the other side of the planet Perca’s other brother was also attacked by Quarren mercenaries.  Pompalo Navic was a recent graduate of Calamari Knight Academy and just beginning his career in the military.  Luckily for him he was able to incapacitate one attacker and drive the others off.  The wounded Quarren was taken into custody by Calamari government troops, but died before being interrogated.  Pompalo knew he had only broken the creature’s leg and that such an injury should not result in his death.  Upon hearing of the abduction of his parents and death of his brother and sister Pompalo disappeared within the Knight Brotherhood, a shadowy arm of the Calamari elite special force.  The official word on Pompalo was that he was killed in a training exercise and not many people outside the Brotherhood know otherwise.

Some quick thinking by Reenic saved Perca from any other attempts on her life.  With the help of the Conglomerate coffers he was able to make it appear as though Perca was killed in the attack.  Anyone who checked the hospital records for that evening would have found no entry for Perca other than a death certificate.  However, there was also a record of a Calamari female named Paz Valodor admitted with an accidental burn to her shoulder.  The Calamari government spun the abduction into a robbery gone bad and soon after a forged holovid of the Senator hit the net.  In the video Meena Navic claimed to be too heartbroken by the death of his children to continue in his bid for the Senate.  In reality, no one has heard from the Perca’s father and mother since their disappearance.

So it is that Perca and Pompalo Navic both believe the other to be dead.  Perca assumed the name Paz Valodor and with the help of her dearest friend and cousin was able to forge the registry of a Conglomerate prototype starship.  After recovering from her wounds she made plans to seek out and destroy those who took her parents and killed her brothers.  She left Calamari in a hurry after some government officials started asking about her remains and estate.  She remains there to this day, running from her past and the painful memories.  She doesn’t have a plan for how to deal with the abduction of her parents and feels helpless in her ordeal.  Reenic promised he would do whatever he could to help her on her way and to help protect her from those who would have her dead if they knew she was still alive.  Perca, or Captain Paz as she is now known is not so confident she can save anyone including herself.

Togorian Soldier
While most male Togorians tend to stay on Togoria, camping on the plains and hunting, some make the conscious decision to study the art of war in an attempt to join the F’laarian Clan, tasked with role of “hard” and “soft” negotiations on behalf of Togoria in a dangerous Galaxy. Born into the Shadow Moon tribe to a F’laarian ship captain, who died when Mrrowl was eight, he was encouraged by certain family members to attempt to prove himself to the F’laarians.

After his father’s death in battle, Mrrowl’s Uncle Murrv served as a male role-model, and under his tutelage, Mrrowl was taught the deep seated honor of the F’laarians, as well as trained extensively in armed and unarmed melee combat.

Over the protests of his mother, as a cub he attended the F’laarian War Academy. At the Academy, he learned the viciousness needed to succeed in combat at any cost, as well as the “do or die trying” mentality that has made Togorian soldiers and ships the scourge of their enemies for thousands of years. Upon graduation, Mrrowl was dumped off-world by the F’laarians, there to gain experience, and make his own way in the Galaxy in an effort to prove himself worthy of membership in the Clan.

Falling in with a band of pirates on Sriluur, Mrrowl quickly found himself immersed in the seedy underbelly of Hutt and Weequay politics and villainy. After a two year stint on a pirate ship called the Dirty Mynock, where Mrrowl encountered numerous situations that sat poorly with his honor and conscience, the large cat found himself and his crewmates tasked with boarding a ship called the Mako’s Run. Their mission was to kill everyone aboard, except for a Cathar female, who was to be taken alive as a slave.

Mrrowl had finally had enough of the dishonorable actions he had been coerced into performing on the Mynock, and after boarding the Mako and seeing the beings he was supposed to harm, including the lovely Cathar, who shot him before she realized he wasn’t there to harm them, he turned on his former crew, assisting the Mako in fighting off the pirates.

Now employed as the Security Officer for the Mako’s Run, Mrrowl is putting his years of training and experience in melee and ranged combat to use assisting and protecting the Mako’s crew. Standing 8 feet, 9 inches, and weighing 418 lbs without the plethora of gear that he carries, Mrrowl is certainly not hard to find when the Mako is in port. Despite his bulk, he attempts to maintain the fine balance between helping his friends and maintaining/restoring the fragile remnants of his honor.


 E-84 (Easy) 
Human Clone Scout/Soldier Elite trooper

In training during the battle of Geonosis, Easy was amongst an experimental batch of clone troopers who were created to expand the more aggressive and cognitive traits without the reckless tendencies from the first batch of derivatives from Jango Fett.

Although highly effective, the clone ARC troopers who were personally trained by Jango Fett were ruthless and prone to take excessive risks. Another batch of clones were devised to replace the ever depleting ranks of these most valuable assets but trained by the Mandalorian female known as Unshalla. This was due to the Success of the Mandalorian fighting styles and the various training techniques.

Unshalla was merciless but instilled in each Clone a sense of duty and purpose not only to the Republic but also to what was right and above all honor. Restraint and cold calculating execution of a mission were top priorities. Because of early field trials a great many of the Clones from this specific batch did not survive. During one of their initial missions, due to faulty intelligence, an attack by the Separatist fleet that was not supposed to be over the target destroyed many of their shuttles. Easy, his brother troopers and Unshalla were marooned on a jungle planet with no less than three garrisoned Separatist manufacturing facilities.

No one on the Republic side even knew there was a base of any significance on Planet 3X7564 as it has been called at the time. A distant uninhabited Outer Rim world near Hutt space that was deemed too hostile a place to be of any strategic importance. However the Trade Federation learned that this planet held a huge amount of the minerals used in the production of the standard battle droid chasis.

Out of a hundred troopers only thirty-seven made planet-fall including the Mandalorian, Unshalla. Over the next year a mission of hit and run and evade tactics were all the small batch of clones could hope to do. But this battlefield experience became invaluable to Easy. By the time the Republic managed to create an offensive large enough to take the planet only one of the production facilities was still operational.

Easy and his clone trooper brothers inflicted tremendous damage on the facilities. Attrition did take its toll however and only eleven troopers made it off world. Unshalla was killed in a raid on one of the droid plants and was instrumental at destroying a crab droid facility.

Learning the lessons of hit/evade tactics the droids were unable to locate and effectively eliminate the clones due to the abundance of life and horrible terrain. Easy mastered the use of every weapon he could get his hands on. Using clone and separatist weaponry he discovered he had a knack for using heavier weapons. Easy quickly assumed command of his brothers when E-56 died taking out a forward listening post that was designed to cut through the massive amounts of life readings and single out the clone's signatures in the undergrowth.

Under Easy’s command he was able to eventually commandeer a heavily defended troop transport and get a message to the Republic detailing everything they had learned about the planet and its defenses in a quick burst subspace communication. Because of this information, the Republic was able to mount an invasion and leveled all of the droid remaining facilities and rescued the eleven surviving clones.

Each of these clones were seen as some of the finest scouts in the entire clone army. After debriefing by a representative of the Jedi Council it was decided that these clones be divided up and sent to extremely hostile worlds with path-finding equipment to learn vital information to aid in dispositions of Separatist strongholds.

Easy was awarded the Republic Cross and the rank of Sergeant for his actions on Planet 3X7564.


Heavy Weapons Specialist, Tactical Specialist, Survival Specialist