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Kemplex X Station

Kemplex X Station
Kemplex IX was an Old Republic jump station destroyed by the creation of the Cron Drift in 3,996 BBY. The station was rebuilt in BY 2365 by Republic Sienar Systems and served as a hyperspace beacon for a large portion of its sector in the Outer Rim.

Kemplex X is an orbiting way station  for cargo transfer, refueling and recreational services in the Outer Rim Territory orbiting Belderone near Felucia. The station is currently under control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and provides resupply and repair facilities for a vast number of droid forces. It was recently upgraded to house a high number of civilian personnel and manufacturing facilities for a capital ship construction contract.

Republic Sienar Systems has a significant satellite office in the Belderone system and uses Kemplex X as its main center of trade with the Confederacy. As such, it is in the corporation’s best interest to keep things running smoothly. So while there are certainly undesirable elements present, the station is still safe for your average travelers and tradesmen. For the most part the port is clean and efficiently run, with no obvious signs of the criminal element running things behind the scenes. To a casual observer Kemplex X looks much like any other deep space port.

There are a few notable differences however. First, the laws are very lax. For example, it is permissible to openly carry weapons and there is little risk of being detained due to minor infractions such as bar fights or public intoxication. Laws against gambling, prostitution, and drug use are only enforced when it benefits the company. Taxation is at the minimum possible levels, making this an attractive place to do legitimate business. The computer systems are also isolated and heavily screened for maximum privacy – contracts, bank transfers, and other electronic transactions can be completed without leaving an electronic trail. This, of course, appeals most to those doing not-so-legitimate business.

All of the real estate on the station is ultimately owned by Sienar Systems, though most is leased out.
The main administration area, command deck, and portions of the promenade deck are on permanent lease to Confederacy of Independent Systems for legal reasons. Revoking these leases would allow the law to declare the station unsafe and so shut it down.

Kemplex X is based on the Future Armada: Argos III material published by Ki Ryn Studios.

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